Claire L Dellar

About Claire

In Claire’s career at NHS Digital, her leadership and specialist skills in benefits, change and strategy have raised the success rate of investment in health and care technology, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of frontline services. 

Claire unashamedly wants to change the world; it is the mission statement of her consultancy, Transformists Ltd, helping organisations design, deliver and curate successful projects and change initiatives by creating shared purpose around a clear problem or opportunity, measuring and celebrating success, which drives engagement and sharpens decision-making. Amongst these more successful initiatives, she believes, will be cures for disease, climate crisis solutions and innovative interventions through which young people develop self-belief, improving their health and wellbeing and having a positive effect on their communities. 

Claire’s innovative solutions appear in books, articles and professional qualifications. She volunteers with the Association for Project Management as a writer, public speaker and leader, recognised for her dedication and advocacy, particularly on mental health, gender and disability. Claire has lived experience of both dyslexia and disability, including fibromyalgia. Her stepsons’ experience with neuro-diversity and traumatic life events sharpened her interest in child and adolescent mental health, their resilience and success fuelling her desire to support Building Self-Belief CIO.

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