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Consett Heritage Project / April 12th, 2024

History of Consett Q and A – Local Mysteries now Solved!

As part of Building Self-Belief’s series of events about Consett’s heritage, local Historian Brian Harrison agreed to be in the spotlight for our Consett’s History Q and A session.

Consett Heritage Project / March 27th, 2024

John Fox - Consett Heritage Podcast

John has lived his whole life in Consett and tells us all about his experiences working at Consett Steelworks and beyond! He also explains what he has planned for Consett for the future, and how he needs your help to make his dream for Consett a reality.

Benfieldside Community Garden / March 22nd, 2024

Benfieldside Community Garden is on the Good to Grow Map!

Benfieldside Community Garden is now on the Good to Grow map - we are delighted to be part of the Good to Grow network, and look forward to being involved in their events!

Consett Heritage Project / March 8th, 2024

Jean Simmons - Consett Heritage Podcast

Our volunteer, Maisie Dobson, conducts an interview with her great-grandma, Jean Simmons, aged 96, discussing life and work in Consett during the peak of the Consett Steelworks era. During the conversation, Jean mentions a royal visit to the steelworks, prompting Maisie to enquire about its accuracy. Upon researching, we discovered that the event did indeed occur. Listen in to enjoy this unique recording, offering insights into the social history of Consett.

Know Your Neighbourhood Project / February 15th, 2024

Lynne Ackland - Volunteer Podcast

Lynne has a wealth of experience in the educational and charity sector and is committed to local volunteering. In this podcast she shares with us how important it is to engage and encourage young people in local volunteering and to ensure that charities and companies provide those opportunities.

Consett Heritage Project / February 9th, 2024

My Dream for Consett

Ray Lonsdale’s statue of Tommy, at Seaham had a profound effect on me. Tommy, or using it’s real title of “One Minute Past Eleven” depicts a weary First World War soldier slumped and gazing ahead. Tommy represents how many troops felt when the war ended – we had ‘won’, but at what cost?

Consett Heritage Project / February 5th, 2024

Voices of Consett - Sadie (The Bra Lady)

Before earning the title of "Sadie the Bra Lady," Sadie Ayton worked in the steelworks following her school years. She initially found employment at Richmond's the Solicitors before transitioning into the role of a 'Ticky Woman,' collecting credit payments by visiting houses.

Consett Heritage Project / January 30th, 2024

Niamh McDonald - Consett Heritage Podcast

Niamh volunteers with Building Self-Belief as a member of their Youth Panel and is also studying towards a Masters of Planning at Newcastle University. Niamh has been able to support projects run by BSB and add both a professional and personal perspective on a whole host of projects.

Aspirations and Future Planning / December 11th, 2023

Skills for a Fast Changing World- with the Cranfield Trust and their Patron HRH Princess Anne

What an amazing opportunity and experience! As an extension of the success of our project with the Cranfield Trust, Christine Thomas our CEO attended their event at the Freemason's Hall, Great Queen Street in London on the 6th December 2023, with their Patron HRH Princess Anne.

Consett Heritage Project / December 4th, 2023

Sarah Envy - Consett Heritage Podcast

Sarah is Engagement Manager for The National Lottery Heritage Fund North. Until her involvement in our Consett Heritage Project, she was unaware that this area had such a significant industrial past, and that Consett steel was used in the construction of the Eiffel Tower! From photographs she has seen of the old Consett Ironworks, she now realises that you would have been able to see rows of machinery just over the horizon from the Reservoir, peeking over the ridge of the dam. She believes that we need to continue to provide opportunities to access such a significant part of Consett's heritage. She is particularly excited about the latest Heritage initiative that will truly put Co Durham on the cultural and heritage map!

Self-Belief and Emotional Wellbeing / December 4th, 2023

Huge Thank You to Sunderland Counselling Service for Building Self Belief’s Award

I was delighted to be a guest at Sunderland Counselling Services AGM on 30th November 2023 and help them celebrate their 40th anniversary. As CEO of Building Self-Belief, it was a great opportunity to see the timeline of how SCS has developed and evolved over the past 40 years.

Aspirations and Future Planning / November 30th, 2023

Maddy Parkin - Careers Podcast

Maddy Parkin, 32. Photographer running a business specialising in wedding photography. Her main job role is taking photos of my customers' weddings, however, there is a lot of work that goes into this: editing in creative software, creating online galleries, marketing, blog posts, liaising with customers, writing and amending contracts and creating shot lists, arranging client meetings, and more. Her passion is creativity, and feels her job encompasses all of this. Take a listen and find out more about a career in photography.

Consett Heritage Project / November 17th, 2023

Edwin Oxley - Consett Heritage Podcast

Edwin started as an apprentice at the Consett Steelworks in 1961, as a 15-year-old. Over time he developed a whole host of skills and describes the excellent training he received both at technical college in Consett and Gateshead, and on the jobs in the boiler shop, foundry, blast furnace, plate mills - amongst others. He worked in every department! Take a listen to his podcast which gives a fascinating insight into the opportunities made available to him and how this gave him a solid foundation for the rest of his working life. He also gives our young people some great advice!

Consett Heritage Project / October 20th, 2023

Voices of Consett - Ian Malpass

Ian Malpass, born and bred in Consett, tells us about his time at 'The Works', how it felt when the steelworks closed, and how his family worked and managed after the closure. A great insight into the true spirit of Consett folk.

Youth Social Action / October 19th, 2023

Building Self-Belief Christmas Appeal 2023

At Building Self-Belief, we work with some of the most deprived and vulnerable children in the North East. Christmas 2023 is forecast to be one of the toughest for many years, and we would like to support as many young people as possible.We would be extremely grateful for any donation you can contribute to our Christmas appeal.Help us give our young people a happier Christmas this year!Thank you.

Benfieldside Community Garden / October 13th, 2023

Exciting News about our Community Garden

Building Self-Belief are delighted to be a new member of the the Social Farms and Gardens. We are in the final stages of securing our 25 year lease in Benfieldside Community Garden.