Wellbeing Programme

The Wellbeing Programme consists of ten students taking part in a twelve week programme that combines an educational approach with the influence of some cognitive behavioural therapies. Our aim is to intervene early and prevent future mental health issues in the group, and create stronger family relations as well as stronger communities.

What we do

  • Pre and post-test questionnaires to allow us to measure improvements in mental health and self-esteem;
  • Self-determination phase, the young people choose the topics they would like to cover in the programme;
  • Cultural outing, the young people choose an activity to put their newly acquired skills and self-belief into practice;
  • Creative phase, we include an element where the young people get to express what they have learnt 
  • Reflection where the young people evaluate the programme and present what they have learnt. This can be through art, posters, a film, a podcast - they can choose!

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Safe Space

  • We create a Safe Space environment.
  • It's an environment independent of school where the young people have an opportunity to grow in confidence and share their ideas.
  • We encourage them to use their new found confidence to go into a new environment and put their skills in to practice;
  • The creative phase is crucial to raising aspirations.


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We use a combination of Academic and Observation assessments to determine how the young people have progressed. The young people produce something creative that demonstrates what they have learnt about themselves. We also produce an Impact Report for schools.

This film about Consett Academy’s Year 9 programme demonstrates the positive effects our programmes have on young people. 

Take a look at one of our films and see the difference our programmes make to the lives of young people.

If you would like us to deliver a programme in your school, please get in touch and we will devise a programme just for your students!

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The programme organised and delivered by BSB has been fantastic. The young people have really enjoyed participating in the sessions and have been able to be completely open, within a supportive environment. We highly recommend the Wellbeing programme.

- Mr A Bourne, North Durham Academy