Environmental Programme

Social Action is an important element of increasing and improving wellbeing and self worth. We believe that Environmental Programmes help young people develop a better connection with their peers, their communities and it gives them a way of improving their own and other people's lives for the better.

Our approach

We research the key topics of their choice, this could be through debate, questionnaires and interviews. We challenge our young people to involve the school community - and ideally the whole community! 

We offer a series of topics and the young people select from the topics that they are most interested in. These could include:

  • Waste Management Hierarchy
  • Fast Fashion
  • Recycling
  • Circular Economy
  • Tree planting
  • Energy efficiency
  • Single Use Plastic (Virgin Plastic)
  • Renewable energy
  • Climate Change
  • Regeneration
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Because of Building Self- Belief, we have actually achieved our goal of making the area safe and serviceable. We now have a dedicated area for wildlife, wild stock sowed, and new trees planted to enhance attraction of wildlife. Through Christine and Holly from Building Self-Belief we have now transformed that area to becoming wildlife and Eco friendly. A huge thank you from 9H and myself for their unwavering financial and practical support. We love our new garden.”

- Sharon Hopkins, Consett Academy


Together we plan and execute some form of social action. This could be a film, assemblies, a song, art work, tree planting, a fashion show - it is their choice. It has to be something that the school and preferably the whole community can share and learn from. 

Social action is an empowering way to engage young people and make them more aware of their environment and their capabilities in controlling their own life and the lives of others as a force for good.

Our success stories
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