Issy Wherritt

About Issy

Issy is very skilled at working with young people and was a great asset to the charity during her work placement year from the University of Newcastle, at Building Self-Belief. As an extension of this working relationship, issy also collaborated with us,  lecturers at the University of Newcastle and her fellow interns to conduct research into the link between deprivation and memory. 

Issy's highly successful placement with us was the start of a very successful partnership with the university of Newcastle, where we have benefitted from having a series of students working with us.  Issy developed many of the materials we use on our website, qualified as a Level 3 Counsellor, worked on the programmes with young people and worked on our funding bids.  Overall she is a great asset to the charity. 

As a young trustee, she provides continuity, sustainability and an invaluable insight into the work that we do at Building Self-Belief. She will also have her new role as an Assistant Psychologist to draw on. She has a wealth of experience to contribute to board discussions, and in support of the important work we conduct as a charity.

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