Niamh McDonald

About Niamh

Niamh studied at Consett Academy and developed a love of History and Sociology and as an extension of this has always been interested in how we can improve our society and our environment. Niamh is currently an undergraduate at Newcastle University studying Planning. She is sharing her expertise and knowledge and encouraging our young people to make a stand and fight for what they believe in. She does this in an encouraging and informed way. 

Niamh is a social activist and played a major role in the Say No to Consett Incinerator campaign, where she was interviewed for television, and in the campaign film. She also spoke passionately at the planning Committee meeting showing a maturity and setting a great example to other young people about the importance of social action and of taking a stand. 

As our volunteer at Building Self-Belief, Niamh is taking an active role in our environmental projects, debates, and initiatives. She is determined to show society that if we all work together, we can truly improve the places where we live.

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