Shauna Nixon

About Shauna

Shauna is excited to be involved with Building Self-Belief and their work in the charity sector. She is the new level 3 Business Administration apprentice and will be supporting the charity in many different and varied ways. She is looking forward to meeting and working with young people in the coming 18 months and contributing to their development and wellbeing.

Her passion for business was developed during her time at St. Bede's Catholic School & Sixth Form College in Lanchester. These experiences led her to seek a role that combines her interest in business, with opportunities to work with young people. She is also looking forward to working with and learning from the Building Self-Belief team.

Shauna is a determined advocate for the improvement of educational opportunities, self-belief, and aspirations of all young people and is proud to be working for a charity that supports young people in such a way. She has experience with family and friends with mental health issues which then really shaped the way she thinks and interacts with others. It has made her want to help them because she has seen how early intervention can change the way a person lives their life.

In the future she wants to motivate and support people to find the strength of character to ensure they can live fruitful and happy lives.

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