The Activity Den Transformation

Self-Belief and Emotional Wellbeing / May 18th, 2019

The Activity Den Transformation

This is an extended version of our film outlining the transformation of The Den activity centre in Tanfield Lea. Over a three month period we held weekly sessions and made plans, for transforming this amazing space. Our aim is to support the Coop in alleviating youth loneliness.

Youth Social Action / September 1st, 2021

Say No To Consett Incinerator

An amazing song!! Con Dawg n Crew are showing all young people how they can use their creative talents to make a stand for what they believe to be right.

Aspirations and Future Planning / December 1st, 2020

Future Planning

Future planning is essential. We always encourage young people to have a goal. Passing an exam is not enough. Why do they need the qualification? What are they going to do with it? If they do not do as well as expected, what is their plan?

Self-Belief and Emotional Wellbeing / May 27th, 2024

Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Beautiful BUT Stay Safe Online!

The unique selling point of all of our programmes, but in particular our Wellbeing Programme, is that we include a creative element that is directed by the young people in the group that we are working with.