Our Know Your Neighbourhood Volunteers

Meet the amazing young people of Consett supporting our community of older people with a whole variety of services.

Darcie Rawlings

With a bachelor's degree in marine biology and a master's degree in journalism, Darcie hopes to make a difference in the volunteer team providing her expertise in biological and social sciences. With a passion for equal opportunities Darcie hopes to make a positive difference in the local and wider community to provide Consett's community with the skills and confidence to have more fulfilling lives.

Joseph Farnsworth

As a Computer Science graduate specialising in Cyber Security, Joseph is in a perfect position to support Building Self-Belief with their Digital Pop up events. He is committed to volunteering and feels that supporting the local community and helping them develop skills in IT is a great way to encourage people to make the most of the positive elements and benefits associated with being online.

Kate McGuigan

Kate is a valued Trustee, and as well as being a qualified teacher she is also a qualified youth leader, so it is great to have her on board to support us with our community events.

Anna Thomas

Anna has worked on numerous voluntary projects for us and is an invaluable member of our Youth Panel. She is someone we can always rely upon to support our community events and is happy volunteering to support children, young people and the elderly.

Ella Ashburn

As a member of our Youth Panel, Ella contributes a great deal of ideas and time to our causes. She supports our youth club events, our community garden and is a great help at the digital pop up events.

Shauna Nixon

Shauna can always be relied upon to support our community events. She is particularly skilled at the craft activities for our young people and researches and delivers some great projects. She is also an invaluable member of our Youth Panel.

Wendy Garland

Wendy is a great gardener and is a real champion of our Benfieldside Community Garden. She has lots of great ideas and is committed to volunteering to support our community events.

Maya Patterson

As a committed volunteer, Maya supports us in a whole host of ways, but we are particularly pleased to have her with us in support of our Youth Clubs.

Niamh McDonald

Niamh has been a volunteer with us from the very beginning and can always be relied upon to make a positive contribution to our community events. As a Planning undergraduate, she is particularly involved in improving our Consett community and is always looking for ways to encourage others to look after and improve the environment.

Lucy Reed

As well as being one of our valued trustees, Lucy volunteers for a whole host of events, including the digital popup events and work on our community garden. She is a highly knowledgeable environmentalist and can be relied upon to be up to date with research and initiatives.

Eddie Thomas

Eddie is a Quantity Surveyor undergraduate and a footballer but still finds the time to volunteer for us. He helps out on our community garden projects, he can also be relied upon to support our pop up community events. As a member of our Youth Panel, he contributes a great deal to the direction of the charity.

Sarah Patterson

Sarah loves working in the community and we really appreciate the time she gives us to support our youth events and our pop up events for the elderly. As an extension of her university studies in psychology, she is finding the experiences a way of gaining an invaluable insight into her fields of study and work.

Bethany Stephens-Gillingham

Bethany can be relied upon to contribute some great ideas for work in the community. She is particularly strong in applying her studies in psychology in relation to our work with young people. She is also looking forward to supporting our digital pop up events and finding ways to engage and motivate other volunteers.

Become a Know Your Neighbourhood Volunteer

As part of Building Self-Belief's Know Your neighbourhood project, we are looking for volunteers age 16 and up to support us. We have a whole series of events lined up where you could get involved. A DBS certificate, and Safeguarding training will be provided.

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