Tow Law Primary School WW1 Heritage Lottery Project

Youth Social Action / November 11th, 2022

Tow Law Primary School WW1 Heritage Lottery Project

Across the summer term we were delighted to work with the young people of Tow Law Millennium Primary School, in County Durham, on a creative writing and cultural heritage project, supported by the National Heritage Lottery Fund and North East Charity, Building Self-Belief CIO.

Our Aim

The aim of the project was for the children to create an anthology of historical research, creative writing and poetry in remembrance of the men from Tow Law, and the surrounding villages, who made the ultimate sacrifice during the Great War 1914-18, and to exhibit this to the local community.

New Skills

The children developed their creative writing, poetry, art, photographic, communication and historical research skills in bringing their anthology and the exhibition together. They researched the experiences of the men who fell in the Great War 1914-18, as named on the Tow Law War memorial, as well as studying the impact of the Great War on the Home Front at Tow Law and in wider community.

Primary Research

The children began their research by visiting the Tow Law War Memorial itself, and went on to use primary and secondary sources in order to understand the experiences of those who were named. The project also included a visit to Beamish Museum and historical records office, as well as working with the Durham Light Infantry (DLI) Museum, to help them to piece together life at the front line for the soldiers from Tow Law. They used primary artefacts such as original letters, music, poetry, census records and photographs to develop their understanding of the period and to come to their own judgements.

The Presentation

The children’s research culminated in a packed exhibition and film premier event take place in Tow Law Millennium Primary school, to celebrate the conclusion of the project.
The children and staff at Tow Law Millennium Primary school were fantastic throughout. We are so pleased that they created such a thought provoking film, exhibition and anthology of work. The young people really developed their confidence and their literary and historical abilities, as they approach secondary school.


Lisa Jackson, Headteacher said ‘We are so proud of all of the students who took part and have really seen their skills and self-confidence flourish. We thank Building Self-Belief CIO, the National Lottery Heritage Fund and Everything English Education Consultancy for their support in giving the children such an exciting opportunity. Our students were able to really develop their literacy skills and their cultural understanding of the impact of the Great War on the Tow Law community.’

The Exhibition

The exhibition can been seen in the Tow Law Community Centre across the summer and is then due to be displayed at Beamish Museum from September 2019.
The film of the project can be seen here.

The student anthology of historical research, poetry and creative writing can be seen here.

If you know a Primary School that may be interested in participating in such a programme please do not hesitate to get in touch.

We had a fabulous time working with Tow Law Millennium Primary School where the children researched the names on the local World War One Memorial, and analysed a range a historical evidence, to understand the impact that the conflict had on their local community. They visited Beamish Museum and took part in workshops with the DLI Museum. As a result of their work, the students produced a brilliant anthology of research, poetry and creative writing. With thanks to the National Heritage Lottery Fund for their support of this project.

The following anthology was created by the children of Tow Law Millennium Primary School throughout the 2019 summer term. They researched the experiences of the men who fell in the Great War 1914-1918, as named on the Tow Law War memorial, as well as studying the impact of the Great War on the Home Front at Tow law and the local community.

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