Teenage Boys Mental Wellbeing and Prevention of Poverty Programme

Self-Belief and Emotional Wellbeing / March 16th, 2022

Teenage Boys Mental Wellbeing and Prevention of Poverty Programme

Within the context of Covid and the devastating impact Lockdown has had on all young people, we believed that it was even more important to find a way to ensure our work was delivered to the young people most in need. This programme worked with a group of young boys from Greenfield Community College, Newton Aycliffe

Lockdown had a devasting impact - many of the boys were dealing with bereavement and loss, which was made worse by the Covid restrictions. Our group sessions gave the boys their first opportunity to discuss the issues they faced and share their emotions and experiences around them, in a supportive environment.

All of the young people found it useful to talk to each other about their relationships with their families and their peers. The realisation that many of them were struggling with the same issues, made them feel better about their own situation. They all said they were grateful for the bond that had been created through the group, and that they felt much more confident having others to turn to if they needed support.

The boys particularly enjoyed going karting as a group, and they were very excited at having the opportunity to do this all together. They also loved the art sessions with Tommy Anderson, having the opportunity and creative freedom to produce their own art to support the emotional wellbeing of others made a real and lasting impact on the boys.

Know Your Neighbourhood Project / September 20th, 2023

Happy 5th Birthday Building Self-Belief CIO- Building Self-Belief Annual General Meeting 2023

As a celebration of our 5th Birthday, Building Self-Belief invited our young people, staff, trustees, funders and supporters to the Derwent Manor on the 7th September 2023. What a fabulous day we had.

Consett Heritage Project / September 13th, 2023

Anne-Louise Grant - Consett Heritage Podcast

Anne-Louise was born in Consett in 1966, and grew up in a village nearby. Her Grandad on one side was a postman and on the other side a miner. Her Dad was a metallurgist at the Steelworks and she had many family members who lived and worked in the area (and still do). She returned to Consett in 2004 to raise her family, having left to seek employment in London in 1989.

Youth Social Action / March 16th, 2022

Empowering Consett’s Youth

Building Self-Belief’s mission as a charity it to empower young people and give them the strategies and the self-belief to take ownership of their lives. Our mission is to “Build Stronger Communities through Building Self-Belief’ and we feel that a strong Youth Panel is the perfect way to give young people a voice and ensure that they have a say in their own community.