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Consett Heritage Project / October 2nd, 2023

Consett Heritage Project – Our Youth Banner

Celebrating Consett Youth

“From the red dust of the past, Consett youth forge a better future.”

Having completed a whole series of fabulous sessions as part of our summer youth club in collaboration with the Derwentside Detached Youth Project, the end product is our fabulous Consett Youth Banner. This was achieved with the support of fabulous local artist Tommy Anderson, who helped us bring the sessions to life. Our aim was to use the chosen images and collages created by the young people, to create a youth banner for Consett.

The Design

We decided than what better way to visualise the town than through replicating the well-recognised style of the banners used to represent the workers through the industrial age. The young people decided on the red to represent the ‘red dust’ that smothered the town when the steelworks was open. Plus, the yellow and orange flames to represent the steelwork’s foundry– the dangers of the steelworks, but also the industrial magnificence.

How and Why Consett is Important to Us

Through studying hundreds of photographs, the young people selected images of places and things in Consett that meant something to them. They then created a series of individualised collages. Tommy then created one huge collage that united the young people and the graphic images of the town. The outcome is a fabulous collection of images that symbolise what the town means to the young people.

The Slogan

In the sprit of how the industrialists united in the past, the young people created their own slogan. We ran a group session to work through what we should include, and how we could combine the past, present and future. The young people came up with ‘From the red dust of the past, Consett youth forge a brighter future.’ Which totally encapsulates how they feel about the town, and how they want to celebrate the past, but they also want to look forward to a more prosperous future.

The Launch

Our first Consett Youth Banner was launched at our AGM on 7th September 2023. It is a fabulous way for us to demonstrate how the young people feel about the town and what their hopes are for the future. We are absolutely delighted with our Consett Youth Banner – such an outcome just goes to demonstrate how thoughtful and talented the young people of Consett truly are.

Next Steps

  • Apply to be part of the Durham Miner’s Gala, 2024
  • Create two further banners – one to show the changes in the environment, another to celebrate the people of the town - past and present.
  • The full launch of the Consett Heritage project at Redhills in October 2024- we are very excited about this!
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Consett Youth Banner
Working on the banner

Youth Social Action / August 9th, 2023

A Greener Future for Stanley - Environmental Youth Ambassador Project

Building Self-Belief CIO supported North Durham Academy to create a beautiful Community Wellbeing Garden. The aim was to create a wellbeing space that is both accessible and welcoming to the school and the community. As well as a space that will help to increase biodiversity in the area. We hoped to inspire young people to engage more with their environment as well as create a space they can be proud of.

Youth Social Action / March 21st, 2023

Exciting Times for Our Youth Panel!

It has been a busy time for our Youth Panel and some of our Volunteers. We were extremely lucky that the Landmark Trust once again selected us to stay for free for a weekend at Morpeth Castle

Youth Social Action / August 24th, 2023

The Learning for Life Sensory Room Project | Building Self-Belief

Young people from Consett Academy and Learning for Life joined forces to design and equip and new sensory space. They challenged youth loneliness, broke down social barriers, built lasting friendships and engaged with local businesses. It was a fabulous project and we all loved every minute of it. The Programme was funded by the Derwent Valley AAP and supported by local businesses.