Crookhill Primary School 1950's Heritage Project

Youth Social Action / July 31st, 2021

Crookhill Primary School 1950's Heritage Project | Building Self-Belief CIO

Our Heritage project with Crookhill Primary School took the children back to the 1950s. We looked at childhood games, the space race, the children's programmes. We also had visitors to the school who discussed their 1950's childhoods. Clara Jones is one of the Windrush generation and she described the differences between growing up in Dominica and her new life in Bradford. It was a brilliant project and the children and staff were all fabulous.

The following anthology was created by the children of Crookhill Primary School throughout the 2021 summer term. They researched the experiences of people who lived in their home town of Crookhill and the surrounding area during the 1950s, when their communities were in danger of disappearing.

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Consett Heritage Project / March 8th, 2024

Jean Simmons - Consett Heritage Podcast

Our volunteer, Maisie Dobson, conducts an interview with her great-grandma, Jean Simmons, aged 96, discussing life and work in Consett during the peak of the Consett Steelworks era. During the conversation, Jean mentions a royal visit to the steelworks, prompting Maisie to enquire about its accuracy. Upon researching, we discovered that the event did indeed occur. Listen in to enjoy this unique recording, offering insights into the social history of Consett.

Consett Heritage Project / August 10th, 2023

Rob Moran - Consett Heritage Podcast

Rob is Consett born and bred and has been active in the community in many fields over the years, including volunteering with the Consett Green Spaces Campaign and with the local Labour Party. He is involved with the group History of Consett Steelworks where his particular interest is researching its history. He also helps out at our local schools by taking the children on history tours of the ex-steelworks site. He also shares his love of the wider history of the North East, on his own fabulous Facebook group called Alfred's Guide.

Consett Heritage Project / October 2nd, 2023

Consett Youth Banner

We are incredibly proud of our new Consett Heritage Project banner celebrating Consett Youth. The slogan the young people created is perfect- 'From the red dust of the past, Consett youth forge a brighter future'. Our plan is to use the banner as a force for good and encourage young people to take the initiative and work together for a better future.