North Shields Fish Quay Community Heritage Project | Christ Church C of E Primary School

Youth Social Action / July 15th, 2022

North Shields Fish Quay Community Heritage Project | Christ Church C of E Primary School

Funded by the Heritage Lottery we delivered the North Shields Fish Quay Research Project at Christ Church Primary School. Since 1225, the Fish Quay has remained the focal point of life for the people of North Shields, and it continues to play a pivotal role in the industrial and cultural development of the region. Its name came from the ‘shielings’ or fishermen’s lodges, which built up along the riverbank at this time.

Over time, North Shields began to compete with Newcastle as a port on the River Tyne, and by the 1700’s new lights were built to guide ships to port and houses, workshops, chapels and public houses piled up the bank sides. The local community are very proud of their heritage and have also done many things to preserve the memory of those who lost their lives in the fishing industry over many years.

The children researched the way that the North Shields Fish Quay, and the local fishing industry, has shaped the lives of local people over hundreds of years. They met with local residents, former fishing boat crew and local historians to investigate, for themselves, how their community has been shaped by the past.

Take a look at their fabulous film showcasing all their amazing work.

The project also included a visit to the Fish Quay itself to see the morning catch and to meet members of the local fishing community. The children visited the ‘Old Low Lights Heritage Centre’ and used primary and secondary sources to enable them to form their own judgements.

The children used art history, to understand the way that the local area had been documented by local artist, and former Christ Church C of E Primary student, Victor Noble Rainbird, and used their understanding of his work to make their own water colour paintings. The students collated their findings in to this anthology of work in recognition of the importance that the fishing industry has had upon their community, both past and present.

The following anthology was created by the children of Christ Church C of E Primary School throughout the 2022 summer term. It was delivered by Building Self-Belief CIO and kindly funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The children developed their creative writing, musical, poetry, art, photographic, communication and historical research skills in bringing this anthology together.

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