The Power of Collaboration | We need YOU!

Blog / October 31st, 2019

The Power of Collaboration | We need YOU!

We are thrilled to announce that we have received funding from the Derwent Valley AAP for an exciting project! Building Self-Belief CIO shall be working with young people from Consett Academy and Learning for Life to develop and design new sensory spaces at Learning for Life, a SEND provision in Consett.  We launched the project with Marie Matthewson, Head Teacher at Learning for Life, through our brilliantly supportive local Do Business Network‘s event at the  Derwent Manor Hotel.

At the event we asked for business sponsorship of equipment towards the improvement of the sensory spaces at Learning for Life,  as well as any potential help that could be offered by our local business community. Peter Brewis, of Briary Gardening Services, came up with an excellent idea – and our bulb planting activity was born. We had a fabulous morning in the autumn sunshine in the garden at Learning for Life. Students from Consett Academy worked alongside some of the young people at Learning for Life to plant bulbs in their large garden planters, as well as plant bulbs in a series of pots that we provided.

Always Learning

I must confess, although I love the idea of gardening, my skills and knowledge are severely limited!

This is what I learnt from the activity:

  • Put a brick in the plant pot – it adds weight and improves drainage;
  • You need holes in the bottom of the pot for drainage when planting bulbs – other wise they can rot;
  • Plant the Tulips at the bottom, then the Daffodils, and then put the smaller bulbs at the top – like Snowdrops and Crocuses – for a springtime full of flowers;
  • Pack the bulbs in, the more the merrier! If you are planting them in bigger spaces, cluster 5 bulbs together.

Learning for Life!

All of the young people absolutely loved the activity.  I am sure they have developed lifelong knowledge of how to plant bulbs properly – Learning for life! We have labelled all of the pots with the student’s names.  Once our project starts in full in the New Year, we will be using the pots of flowers as part of our themed activities with the young people. When they start to bloom they become a reminder of our work together. They will also act as prompts for stories and inspire designs as well as providing us with a focus for our discussions about growth and development.

Thank You

We would also like to than Peter Brewis for giving up his time and sharing his expertise. In sharing his knowledge, the activity was well organised and straightforward – and most importantly, incredibly enjoyable.

We would also like to thank Anna and Amelie from Consett Academy who gave up some of their half term to come along and help.

Ann English at Create Intrigue has also been brilliantly supportive. She provided Building Self-Belief CIO with a ‘power hour’ where she has given us a whole host of ideas and strategies for improving the visual impact of our charity’s stand. Ann has also provided us with an extensive range of ideas about how to appeal and encourage people to visit our stand. Due to her fabulous suggestions, I am sure our interactions with our future visitors will be both more engaging and most importantly, more productive. I highly recommend using Creative Intrigue’s services.

We will be at Citizen’s House in Consett on 30th November 2019 to help at the Learning for Life Christmas FayrePlease come along and support us and see us putting Create Intrigue’s suggestions into practise.

Thank you to Andy Smith from ASure Financial Limited for his £30 pledge towards rubber bangles, sensory light up rugby balls and some stretchy apples and worms!

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