Edwin Oxley - Consett Heritage Podcast

Consett Heritage Project / November 17th, 2023

Edwin Oxley - Consett Heritage Podcast

Edwin started as an apprentice at the Consett Steelworks in 1961, as a 15-year-old. Over time he developed a whole host of skills and describes the excellent training he received both at technical college in Consett and Gateshead, and on the jobs in the boiler shop, foundry, blast furnace, plate mills - amongst others. He worked in every department! Take a listen to his podcast which gives a fascinating insight into the opportunities made available to him and how this gave him a solid foundation for the rest of his working life. He also gives our young people some great advice!

Aspirations and Future Planning / July 8th, 2018

Raising Career Aspirations in Teenage Girls

Our ‘Raising Aspirations’ business event with the group of girls from our most recent Building Self-Belief programme gave everyone involved an invaluable insight into working life.

Self-Belief and Emotional Wellbeing / May 27th, 2024

Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Beautiful BUT Stay Safe Online!

The unique selling point of all of our programmes, but in particular our Wellbeing Programme, is that we include a creative element that is directed by the young people in the group that we are working with.

Investors in the Environment

Youth Social Action / October 4th, 2023

Investors in the Environment, Building Self-Belief, working towards our Bronze Award.

Building Self-Belief are delighted to be part of the Investors in the Environment, working towards our Bronze Award. We are in the process of completing a series of tasks that will ensure we are doing everything possible to create the greenest of environments for our staff and stakeholders. We have our 'Green Champion', Shauna Nixon in place and we look forward to achieving our first award.