Teenage Girls’ Emotional Wellbeing & Aspirations Programme

Self-Belief and Emotional Wellbeing / May 11th, 2022

Teenage Girls’ Emotional Wellbeing & Aspirations Programme

Funded by the County Durham Community Foundation, we successfully delivered a twelve-week programme to support vulnerable teenage girls in Stanley, in an area of high socio-economic deprivation. Our project focused on early interventions to prevent longer term mental health issues, paticularly with those who are sufferring due to the impact of COVID-19.

With this group, gender and identity and the impact of isolation during Lockdown had a huge effect on their self-esteem. The group sessions gave some young people an opportunity to discuss being non binary and how this made them feel in relation to their feelings, friendships and personal identity.

We want to say a big thank you to JUMP a design agency in Newcastle, who provided an insight into the world of work. Our young people were very respectful of the professional environment, and they all made very positive contributions to the discussions. The group has helped us to design and create online emotional wellbeing resources for other young people to use in the future

“The programme organised and delivered by BSB has been fantastic. The young people have really enjoyed participating in the sessions and have been able to be completely open, within a supportive environment. We highly recommend the Wellbeing Programme.” ”

- Mr A Bourne, North Durham Academy

Wellbeing and the Arts / June 8th, 2023

Shoddy Theatre and the Importance of the Arts

What a delight it was to have the opportunity to organise a whole series of drama activities for some of our schools. As part of their national tour, the Shoddy Theatre Company arranged to deliver a series of workshops to engage children and young people in the arts.

Youth Social Action / September 1st, 2021

Say No To Consett Incinerator

An amazing song!! Con Dawg n Crew are showing all young people how they can use their creative talents to make a stand for what they believe to be right.

Consett Heritage Project / September 21st, 2023

Voices of Consett- David

David is 71 years old and was born in the Richard Murray Hospital at Blackhill, which was where everybody was born, and lived on Benfieldside Road in Blackhill. His father was a ‘Bevin Boy’, during the war you were either sent as a soldier or down the mines, if you were unlucky the mines were worse.